Booed...Treated? -Printable-

Today ended with a bit of fun as I took the peanuts out for their first ever round of 'boo-ing'!

I found this great pin on Pinterest - it has a whole host of 'You've been boo-ed!' printables.

As I chose my printable tonight, I heard one of the peanuts talking about trees that become prickly and grab you like a monster.  Hmmm.  Would the spider or the ghost printable stir up fear in my little ones' hearts?  I had never considered that all of this Halloween talk at school might be having a greater effect on the peace in their hearts than I thought.

I know that Halloween can be a dividing line between friends in the Christian community.  I personally believe that this celebration can be redeemed and used for God's glory.  I mean, what other time of year can you just show up on a stranger's doorstep and it be okay?

Reflecting on the world's casual relationship with true entities of evil over these next 30 days made me re-think my 'boo-ing' plan of action.

I whipped up a printable that eliminates the dark (although sometimes cartoon-y) elements of these celebrations.  All things to all men, right?

So here you go - instead of being 'boo-ed' we're being 'treated'!

Hope it's a tool that can be used for God's glory in these next few weeks...

Click the image for a link to the PDF.  Happy 'treating'!

Click for PDF

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