Get It Together, Lady. (Household Help Series - Part 1)

I moved to Oklahoma City in June, and I'm still not unpacked.  Sad?  Yes.  Is it the end of the world?  No.

Even with the occasional box I'm climbing over, I'm determined to regroup and continue my housekeeping routines and improve them where necessary.

I thought that while regrouping I might share some of those tips and habits - in case they're helpful for anyone else who's trying to get it together, too!

Getting It Together Secret #1:

The Speed Cleaning Trifecta

Alas, the first thing that you may notice is that two of these items are name brand.  And the second thing you may notice is that all of the items are store bought tools.  True, I am aware (through the beauty of Pinterest) that I could be concocting my own homemade cleaning solutions.  Before judgments are made - I would like to remind the world that I work in full-time ministry, entrusting my two toddlers to a lovely preschool for a good bit of the day.  My place in life right now just does not permit me to be mixing up Borax and Lemon Kool-Aid when we all finally get home.

(Besides - I'm happy to pay for these things because I know THEY WORK!)

Here's how the routine goes:

I drop a toilet tab in each toilet after they've had a good deep clean.

A tub of disinfectant wipes, the Pledge Multi-Purpose Spray, and a roll of paper towels find their home under each bathroom sink.  (Having them handy in all areas of the house speeds up my routine and makes it possible for me to make use of stolen moments for a quick clean up.)

Each morning or night I wipe down the bathroom fixtures, counter and toilet exterior with a disinfectant wipe.  I can easily clean the interior of the toilet with a quick swish of the toilet brush, because my bleach-based cleaner is already in the tank.

After that I grab the paper towels and Pledge spray, and with those I can quickly clean the mirrors, shower door, and DUST any furniture in the bedrooms or living areas nearby.  By far this is one of my most favorite cleaning products.  It cleans everything except unsealed wood and granite!  Even televisions!

Done and done and done.

Sometimes (if I'm feeling really industrious) I get a whole bathroom/bedroom done while my kiddos are having their nightly scrub down in the tub beside me.

This covers the upkeep of most of our home, with the exception of clutter, floors and the kitchen.  The trick to making this system work is doing it every day.  There have been days I've skipped and thought to myself, "I just cleaned it yesterday.  How dirty could it be?"  The next thing I know - three more days have passed and I've lost my good habit.  Keeping it going means that my deep clean days are a breeze.

So what are the secrets to your quick clean routine?


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