Toddler-Friendly Tree Time.

Gift Tag Decorations.png

In my younger days I spent hours planning each element of my tree decorating.  Not really.  But in my head my tree rivaled Martha Stewart's in any given year.

After my first was born, I thought my glory days would continue, but realized quickly Christmas just wasn't as fun sitting in front of my not-kid-friendly tree guarding it with my life.

So this year is battle-proof (with the exception of the edible candy canes on our big tree in the den...) and I even put up a small tree in the kiddos' play room.

But what decorations are battle-proof? Paper ones.  Gift tags, to be exact.

I found several lovely specimens at our local Hobby Lobby - on sale, of course - and they are the staples of the kiddos' expressions of Christmas joy.

Ahhh.  Sleep in heavenly peace.

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