My New Planner Is SMASH-ing.

Smash Planner Cover.jpg

I still have yet to find my dream planning calendar.  Unless this is it.

I visited my favorite calendar printables site, Calendars Quick, and together with a Mod-Style SMASH Book, some washi tape a bit of glue - my 2013 is now plan-able.

Some disappointments - the binding on the SMASH Book is very shallow, and even with removing pages that I didn't need, the remaining pages are difficult to turn in the front and back.  My hope was that I would be able to tape in lots of planning notes, but with the binding so small, that will be a challenge unless I go to the trouble of having it re-bound.

Some happy points - overall the project is fun and cheery - exactly what I need during the nuts and bolts of planning, planning, planning!

Smash Planner Collage 2.png

Tips, suggestions?  Please share!

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