Three In Thirty.

So... I saw this floating around Facebook today, and I literally laughed out loud.  With conviction.

Because in my life this has been so true!

A while back I came to know the 3 in 30 community.  These ladies have helped me create resolutions that become habits.

I know that many Practice Hospitality followers don't necessarily blog, so some of the 3 in 30 activities seem a bit foreign or daunting (buttons and Twitter?).  So how about a 3 in 30 accountability group for the month of January on the Practice Hospitality Facebook page?

You in?

Here's the fine print:

Post on my Facebook page your 3 goals for the month of January.  Commit to being held accountable for honest progress updates (daily or every couple days) on those three goals until the month has ended.  Give lots of accountability and encouragement to everyone else who has shared their goals.

Ready?  Go!

Progress Tracker Printable.

Just To Be Fair.