Progress Tracker Printable.

It's almost time!  Have you gotten your 3 in 30 goals for January?

I've got mine.

1 - Wake up at 5:45 a.m. every morning.

2 - Write a note of encouragement to someone each day via email, Facebook, or USPS every day.

3 - Drink 16 oz of water each evening.

Seem overly simple and lame?  Absolutely.  Because in 30 days these won't be unattainable resolutions - they will be habits!  And they are habits I can build upon...

The wake up habit will improve my prayer life.  And make me a little less grumpy getting two toddlers dressed for preschool.

The encouragement habit will help keep me from having a critical, unthankful spirit.

The water habit will help me take a step toward overall healthier eating in the evening, and will keep me from having fatigue throughout the day because I am dehydrated.

See how a small change can pay big dividends?

I made a little tracker to help us keep up with our progress...  Write your goals in the empty spaces next to the 'day' heading.  Mark simple 'x's or make a note of what is working, what isn't!  Get the PDF here.

I will be logging in when I wake up each morning and posting on the Practice Hospitality Facebook page to show the world I woke up, and hopefully hear a cheer from my pals!  Excited to have friends to keep me accountable!  Lone Rangers rarely make it in the resolutions world!

Got yours ready?  Let's go!


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Three In Thirty.