Quick (Cheap) & Fabulous Redbox Movie Gift Basket!

Short on dollars but need a meaningful gift for a friend or neighbor?

I love giving 'memories' instead of 'things.' So an opportunity to give the gift of a free Christmas movie night is right up my alley.  But I can't afford movie tickets, and I can't afford to purchase DVD's.

What's a little elf to do?

Movie Night Gift Basket 5 Dollar.jpg

Get Redbox codes.  Yes!  You can purchase gift codes at www.redbox.com to share with all your favorite pals.  You can purchase 5 or you can purchase 50.  What joy!  I had no idea!  Until a few days ago, at least.

Here's how the movie night became a package deal:  $1 popcorn bowl from Dollar Tree, bag of popcorn from Walmart, four packs of cocoa out of a mega pack from Sam's, an Advent devotional from the Christian bookstore, a few mini candy canes, and a cute printed card with their Redbox gift code.  You could easily keep this gift under $5 without the addition of the devotional. (Or make it extra special and create your own Advent devotional to tuck inside!)

...and off you go!

Movie Night Gift Basket 1.jpg
Movie Night Gift Basket 2.jpg

UPDATE 12/9/14 - Thanks to encouragement and requests I've made PDF's of my basket card. You will need to write the codes in by hand or print the PDF then make a separate blank document to type the codes in and reprint on the same paper. Hope this is helpful!

Redbox Movie Gift Basket Card (Front)

Redbox Movie Gift Basket Card (Back)

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