Praying with Pinterest.

This week I've had exciting emails in my Yahoo inbox.  They've been sweet little notes from Pinterest letting me know that I have brand new followers.

As I opened the emails, I realized they aren't even people I know!  This is altogether exciting (meeting new friends, and all) and sort of intimidating (now I have pressure to live up to the 'pinning' expectations of total strangers!!).

In my time with the Lord yesterday, I came to see this new connection as an opportunity for prayer.  When I open up my 'followers' and 'following' links on my Pinterest account, I immediately gain access to over 100 people to pray for.  I don't know the life situations of most of my 'pinning' comrades, but the Holy Spirit does.  Can you imagine the Kingdom impact if each of us began to pray over those connections and lives?  

So the challenge today is to do just that--pray over your Pinterest connections.  Post a comment below and share a testimony from the experience!

Happy pinning--and praying!  

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