A Day of Rest. (And A Giveaway!)

We had a wonderful weekend.  We traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to lead the worship services at The Salvation Army there.  The time we shared with our family and friends was a blessing and a source of strength and renewal (despite the fact that traveling with two small kiddos was not really a restful experience).

Even without traveling, though, our Sabbath days haven't always felt like a respite.  Not too long ago I stumbled upon a resource that has begun a small transformation in our Sabbath celebrations...



 offers unique tools for enriching family discipleship and family worship times.  One of my very favorite 'helps' I've picked up from their site is "A Day of Delight."  It's a short booklet with practical tips and ideas to make your Sundays (or whatever day of the week you celebrate a Sabbath rest) peaceful and full of joy.  Here's a glimpse of what's inside - straight from the site.  You can even view a PDF preview, if you'd like...

"Do you ever wonder why your Sunday isn’t a "day of rest"? We did. We knew things had to change!

This book offers dozens of creative ideas to help make the Lord’s Day a unique and joyous day of celebration for the whole family (even Mom!)

It includes suggestions for:

  • Preparing for Sunday throughout the week
  • Making meal times special (while the cook still enjoys a day of rest!)
  • Creating a treasure chest of special toys and books for Sundays only.
  • Lots of ideas for toys, games, activities, and projects that focus on Scripture, worship, reflection, fellowship, remembering God’s creation, and exercising our God-given creativity. (Good ideas for daily family worship times, too!)"

-PDF Preview-

Sound helpful?  You can win it!  For my first ever giveaway, you can win a copy of "A Day of Delight"!  Comment below with one of your favorite ways to celebrate the Sabbath, and 'Like' Practice Hospitality on Facebook (if you haven't already) to enter.  The winner will be announced on Friday.  Comment and 'Like' away! Practice Hospitality. on Facebook.

What to do with a windfall...Spread the love.

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