What to do with a windfall...Spread the love.

This weekend I was the recipient of a windfall...a big box of pistachios.  25 pounds of pistachios to be exact.  So my mind began dream of all things nutty...and I came up with this idea for spreading the love...

It was an extremely simple project.  I measured the tops of the bags and printed toppers on cardstock on MSPublisher.  (The pistachio clipart is actually stock clipart in that program, and the font is a free one I found online-SF Natalie.)  The tags were trimmed, folded, stapled, and voila!

Ready for a speedy delivery!

Apple juice break-spreading love works up a thirst.  

Sharing blessings - is there anything better?  Now what to do with the other 9 pounds of pistachios...any recipes?  Comment away!


Love him as yourself.

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