His people, the reward for His suffering.

“The Lamb that was slain will receive the reward for His suffering.”www.tsamtk.org
I never knew until recently that this quote came from Moravian missionaries setting sail with lives laid in the hands of their Savior.
Over the past few days I've been reading about the Moravian revival in the 1700’s, and what struck me most was the accounting of their lives lived in authentic community.  It is said that John Wesley visited the Moravian believers and described his experience with these words "I would gladly have spent my life here . . . Oh, when shall this Christianity cover the earth as water covers the sea?"
In a few short weeks John and I will receive the news telling us which Salvation Army here in the southern states we will be sent to minister in.  If there was only one prayer I could pray for our future congregation, it would be this.   It would be that the words John Wesley spoke of the Moravians would be spoken in the hearts of the hopeless walking through our very doors.
Oh, that we would be a people so drenched in the fragrance of Christ that anyone near us would yearn to spend every moment of their life in our fellowship, breathing Him in!  That we would be so overflowing with compassion that the community surrounding our corps (church) would wish that our living faith would cover the earth like the waters of the sea—yes, that is my heart’s cry.
In my HelloMornings challenge prep this week, the Lord blessed me with a new worship artist I stumbled upon via NoiseTrade, Heather Land.  One of her singles was on a collection of worship music I downloaded (All About Worship, Volume 2—a free resource for churches without much of a music budget.  What a ministry they have!  Leave them a tip if you can).
The song is Ready for You.  It is now part of my daily worship playlist.  The lyrics are perfect for beginning my quiet time (because I’m savoring Living Waters, right Katie and Lara?).
Spirit of the Living One, pour Yourself on me
I see the signs of the rain to come
And I just wanna be
Ready for You
I’m ready for You to come in Your glory
Ready for You
I’m ready for You to come and pour
Your rain on me
I am dry and thirsty God
In this land where there’s no water
And no one else can quench my thirst
And fill me like You Father
Take me father into Your waters
Take me out to the deep
Take me father into Your waters
Take me out to the deep


Thank You, Jesus, that I am Your reward.  That we are Your reward.

Holy Week in Unholy Places.

Heeellloooo, Morning (and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Cooties).