We love Mr. Nick.

After a busy Sunday (and after a challenging afternoon with a newly-two little guy cutting his second year molars), it's a nice moment when all of us are in Butterbean's room cuddled up and listening to our favorite radio show, We Kids

When Butterbean was still a newborn, I stumbled upon this wonderful radio program via His Kids Radio, a ministry of Cornerstone University.

The music is great, and Mr. Nick (the show host) gives a Bible story (completely accurate and truthful) each episode.  I was completely won over, though, when I realized that a good portion of Mr. Nick's mid-show family marches are Salvation Army brass band arrangements.  Love.  Love.  Love.

We Kids is tailored for the little guy set, but His Kids Radio has many more options for young'uns at different ages and stages.  Give them a browse when you have some free time, and support this ministry financially as God leads.  Oh, and Mr. Nick LOVES letters.  And he sends stickers.  Such a cool friend.  :)

Just where He needs me. (Printables)

Love him as yourself.