$1 Storage Solution. (WFM!)

I have two little ones who love bathtime (well, most of the time).  Along with their adoration comes a slew of toys that need to be drained and dried in-between washings.  I searched online for bath toy storage, and was disappointed with the high prices for what seemed like items poorly made and poorly reviewed.

I recently picked up several of Walmart's Mainstays lingerie bags for our family's sock issues, and it dawned on me that they were pretty good sized and already treated to be anti-microbial because of their intended use in water.  At $1, they were an absolute steal in comparison to the 'bath toy' bags I was browsing through.  

I found an unused Command hook in our tool box, and picked up a waterproof strip to hang it securely on the tub wall.  I added toys to the lingerie bag, and voila!

It performs perfectly!  No mold, mildew, stains or smells.  I also used the same idea to store my little ones' puzzles and their respective pieces.  I used regular Command hooks and secured them to the sides of their bookshelves.  Each puzzle fits in its own bag, and now they hang happily until they are played with.  I'm sure you can adapt this tip for legos, dolls - whatever needs corraling!

Works for me!  Hope it works for you!

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