Just where He needs me. (Printables)

...and so it begins.  Packing, that is.  

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Our family is just a few short weeks away from knowing where our new place of ministry will be.  The Salvation Army moves its clergy in a way that's similar to traditions found within Methodist congregations - where ministers are moved to new locations by leaders in places of spiritual authority rather than interview or congregational vote.  We find out our destination on June 2.  Although we are all brimming with anticipation and excitement, sometimes the unknown beckons us to respond with anxiety and fear.

It is in those times of temptation that the Lord always provides comfort and the way of escape (1 Co 10:13).  Often with an smile I read Acts 17:26, "From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live." 

I also find comfort in words penned in our Salvation Army songbook, by a woman named Miriam M. Richards...

What can I say to cheer a world of sorrow?

How bring back hope where men have sorely failed?

Just where I am I'll speak the word of comfort,

Tell how for me Christ's sacrifice availed.

Just where he needs me, my Lord has placed me,

Just where he needs me, there would I be!

And since he found me, by love he's bound me

To serve him joyfully.

What can I do to ease life's heavy burdens?

What can I do to help mankind in need?

Just where I am I'll share my neighbor's hardship,

Lighten his load, and prove a friend indeed.

What can I do to justify my living?

What can I be to make this life worthwhile?

I'll be a voice to call men to the Saviour,

Just where I am, and win my Father's smile.

I've made a few printables (3 to choose from!) so that you may be encouraged by her words if you find yourself in a similar season of life.  You can print them, use them as your desktop background, glue them in your Smashbook, or upload them to your Facebook timeline.  He's always going to have us right where he needs us.  We can rest in Him.  

(Click each graphic to access full files at Flickr, then right-click to 'save as'. Thanks, Graphics Fairy for the bells and whistles!)

UPDATE 6/14/2016 - This post came to mind today, and the words are still true. God's leading and our following create the most beautiful dance of life. I look at the graphics below and see how elementary my skills were as I began this blog (and how elementary they continue to be!). Wanted to celebrate God's goodness with a simple, updated image...so here you go.

Just Where He Needs Me Red
Just Where He Needs Me Blue
Just Where He Needs Me Black

$1 Storage Solution. (WFM!)

We love Mr. Nick.