Don't get ugly.

Clipart: GraphicsFairy.blogspot.comHere in the South we have a lot of euphamisms - phrases that get a point across.  But the point is made in a way that's a bit kinder or gentler than other words easily said in a less than lovely moment.

Growing up my mama used to warn me with one of those collections of words: "Don't get ugly."  I knew when those three words were spoken in the same breath that either my attitude or my mouth was about to get me in big trouble.

Well...tonight I got ugly.

We're smack dab in the middle of our third busy weekend in a row, which is at the tail end of one of several busy weeks altogether.  It's the nature of this time of year as we finish up our schooling and continue packing for our move in June.

So after a day of work that was physically and mentally challenging; some time (okay, a lot of time) spent with the kids in the car in Atlanta traffic (thank you, Braves game!); a meal with Buddy throwing everything he could reach on the table onto the floor of the Mexican restaurant; and a situation in Walmart that involved me, a three year old, a cart full of groceries, no wallet and no cell phone... -did I mention that the three year old lost her pink balloon (from the restaurant) to the Walmart ceiling abyss?- ...

...umm, yeah.  I got ugly.

I was incredibly impatient and angry with John and the kids and I hated absolutely every moment of my ugliness.  But I was so exhausted that I just couldn't seem to muster up anything within me to pull through.  I needed to physically retreat with Jesus right then, but how do you do that with cold milk sitting in your cart awaiting a trip home in your trunk?

I should have stopped and prayed moments before my 'last straw.'  And next time I'm going to do exactly that.  Who cares if people hear me crying out to the Lord next to the sandwich bread?  Isn't that a better testimony than the grimace that would be on my face otherwise?

Have you found yourself in similar situations?  How have you made it through?

Thank you, Jesus, for grace.  It covers a multitude of uglies.

Picking myself up and dusting off for new mercies and a new day in the morning...

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