Do I Ever Pray?

This morning I was spending time in my Salvation Army songbook, reading the prayers of the saints in glory.  The words penned by John Burton, Jr. pierced through my heart like a knife.

I often say my prayers;

But do I ever pray?

And do the wishes of my heart

Go with the words I say? 


I may as well kneel down

And worship gods of stone,

As offer to the Living God

A prayer of words alone.

For words without the heart

The Lord will never hear;

Nor will He to those lips attend

Whose prayers are not sincere.

Lord, show me what I need,

And teach me how to pray;

Nor let me ask thee for thy grace,

Not feeling what I say.

A few minutes later I stumbled upon (via Desiring God) this video from Paul Miller, the author of A Praying Life.  He addresses cynicism and it's deathly grip on our prayer lives.  Another knife to the heart.  Thank you, Lord, that your 'knives' are those of a surgeon, masterfully removing that which is causing death that I might be led to life.



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