It's oh, so quiet.

(Are you singing the song in your head?)

Well...a week has passed.  And I'm oh, so sad!

I've wanted to post a million and one times, but alas, tonight is the smack-middle of the last two weeks of my last semester here at Evangeline Booth College.  It's also one of the last three-ish weeks I have to really get our apartment packed up for our big move, so you can imagine what my daily schedule has looked like lately.

I plan to carve out a little more time for posts this week...but before I sign off for the night, as Ricky Ricardo says, I've got "some splainin' to do" for my two favorite librarians, Shannon G. and Delissa H. -

Yeah...about those library fines...

Seems legit, right?

Love all ya'll!

Ministry Marriages. (Printable)

Grouchy Muffins. (Recipe)