Redeeming the Stuff.

A few years ago my sweet husband let me pick out a brand new set of living room furniture.  Over our years of marriage we worked our way through various thrift store finds, so this new set was my coveted treasure.

Of course since it was my treasure I was the 'chosen one' who secured all of the legs to the coffee table and two end tables.  That ended up being a treasure all on its own.

As I tightened the bolts where each leg nestled into its corner, I read the stamped words "Made In China."  I saw the streaks where wood stain had brushed the underside of the table and realized I was holding the very wood that someone across the seas held however many months ago.

As I thought about that complete stranger all the way over in China, I realized that it was a good possibility that this person had never heard the name of Jesus.  And so I began to pray.

I realized from that day on that all my 'stuff' could be a call to prayer.  The strawberries from Florida picked by hands of migrant workers, the rice from Thailand.  The shirt from Singapore, the hair detangling spray from Canada.

Someone somewhere needs prayer, and maybe that someone is a factory worker who sent you your recent purchase.

So today - whatever you may be doing with your stuff - enjoying the stuff, decluttering the stuff, cleaning the stuff, shopping for the stuff - let it be part of your prayer life - and redeem the stuff

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