...And Then We Were There.

It's been about two weeks since I've posted...we had a wonderful celebration of our completion of The Salvation Army's two year training at Evangeline Booth College, and were elated to find out our new field for God's harvest is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

We spent these two weeks packing, cleaning, traveling, packing, cleaning, traveling, packing, cleaning, traveling...and clocking over 30 hours of road time with two toddlers.  Whew!

We arrived in OKC yesterday, and have been unpacking, unpacking, unpacking...and still, unpacking.

Our little ones have settled into new bedrooms, but Butterbean wasn't fully ready to enjoy her big girl bed without some kind of guard rails.  I had a bed rail I purchased over a year ago still in the package, and I commenced putting it together late last night.  (Please, don't ask why.  It's futile.)  The directions were harder to follow than IKEA's - that's saying something.  And still, even if I managed to succeed in putting the crazy thing together, I only had one rail - only one side would be protected.  That's another $30 to take care of the second side.  Not in my budget. 

Then I had an epiphany.  Pool noodles.  They would be the perfect length and if I could find a rather thick specimen, they'd be just high enough to serve as a reminder for my wiggle worm that an edge was nearby.  So there you have it.  Pool noodle bed bumpers.  I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this soultion, but I refuse to Google it or look for it on Pinterest just so I can enjoy my 'necessity is the mother of invention' moment.  -smiles-  I love that I can remove them in the morning while I'm making the bed and store them in the closet.  Easy peasy.

Here's to more adventures and more posts - from Oooookkkllaaaahooooooommmaaaaa!

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