Noodles and Sauce.

Today I was a good mom and I cooked a homemade lunch for the family.  Homemade as in I boiled water, browned meat, and opened a can of spaghetti sauce.  Still counts, right?

Well the little guy made me feel appreciated as he ran to the table and snatched a noodle with his little grubby hands.  The little girl - not so much.  I heard the awful ping of a fork hitting the ground, and realized she had shoved her entire plate of noodles onto the floor.  "I want candy."  Her justification.

My kids are spoiled.  Not because I over-indugle them, but because our American life in general is over-indulgent.  Yes I can control what goes on in my home, but what do I do on the days at school where she's had two rounds of snack time with treats, a lunch with dessert, a cupcake from a birthday party (with a take-home pack of gummies), and a ginormous Rice Krispy Treat to bring home from her morning activity time?  Cry.  And cry for the wrong reason.

When Butterbean was still an infant, she cried when she was hungry.  Once hearing her, I considered for a moment that it wasn't a cry that sounded like she was really hungry.  In fact, I never heard that cry once from either of my little ones.  What would it be like to hear that kind of cry?  What would it be like to hear that kind of cry for days?

Earlier tonight I read an article online about what one gentleman calls an impending global recession.  He's predicting 50% unemployment rates and incredible rates of inflation.  I hope he's wrong.  But if he's not, it seems that many will hear an unfamiliar cry in the halls of their home.  I thought about the Great Depression that many of my family members experienced.  What would I do if all of the sudden I found myself in similar circumstances?

Because of Christ, considering such things doesn't elicit panic or fear, but instead a good portion of thanksgiving, and a humble repentence for all that I take for granted - and all that my children take for granted.

Lord, have mercy on us when we are privileged enough to throw food on the floor.  And be with those who would have eaten that meal right off the tile.

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