Lazy Days of Summer.

The ultra-whiny 100+ degree afternoon today was a fine catalyst for a good dose of Mommy-guilt.

As my kids bemoaned the weather and walked around our home as if they had absolutely nothing enjoyable to occupy their time, I thought of that Pinterest board I'd filled with all kinds of fun activities - none of which I've put into practice recently.

I made a laundry list of my failings as a creative, fun-loving mother and I realized in the middle of the list that I still hadn't fixed the ice-jam in our fridge door ice dispenser.

I had an entire bucket of ice that need to be tossed.


Into a bowl it went, and the heat-wave fun began.  We had some 'un-fun' moments: I had to remind my dear ones (for the fiftieth time) that they could not eat the ice that they had just drawn on the cement with...but overall the impromptu invitation for play was a hit.

Oh. So. Lazy. Creative Parenting. Not even 'pin' worthy in the amount of real planning and brain cell effort, but if you're stuck with a hot afternoon this week...keep this one in your back pocket!


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