HelloMornings Day 1.

What a way to start the day!  If you missed out, you missed out.

Several of us (oh, some number above 3,500) began the HelloMornings Fall Challenge today.  It's a quiet time accountability movement that drew a lot of attention this morning.  How much?  So much that hackers felt compeled to shut down the Inspired To Action blog and spam up the #hellomornings Twitter feed.  Really?


I woke up (even before my baby steps goal time!) a few minutes after 5:00 a.m., and here's what I learned in my experience today:


  • I need more time.  After brewing some tea and moving out onto the patio, I realize I need to streamline a little more, and possibly wake up a bit earlier.  I had such a wonderful time of worship that squeezing it into 20 minutes may be hard to do.  In fact I didn't spend any time at all in planning or 'moving' because I used it all for time with the Lord.
  • I love technology.  Especially my new iPhone.  (Thank you to my awesome boss!!)  While using my Bible, Salvation Army hymnbook, and regular 'ole pen and paper, I also made use of my Kindle and that handy new smartphone.  I was able to stream my worship music from my phone, and even use it to access one of my favorite online Bible study resources...



Here's a screen shot:

It is one of the most amazing free Bible study sites.  Ever.

You can access many translations, commentaries, and view text in original Greek and Hebrew.

So what 'little tip' helped you in your HelloMorning Challenge today?  Did you have a high-tech helper?

My friend Chelsea used Spotify to tune up her worship playlist.  How else can we redeem all these gadgets as we share time with the Lord?

'See' you soon - before the sun rises!  

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