A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Well, one of my favorite things, actually.

Over these past two weeks I've been trying to organize my life and my calendar.  So, I tried a few different calendar applications (Google, 'The Calendar Planner', Lotus Notes, and Outlook).  I was frustrated and unhappy with all of them, and then I remembered the Cozi account I opened up a couple years ago before John and I went to Evangeline Booth College.

I loved it before, but it wasn't useful for our scheduling needs while at EBC. Over the time I was away, however, the Cozi folks added even more features-and I can't believe how even more awesome this online calendar has become!

So here's what I love:


  • It's free.  Yes.  Free.  Almost all the features are available through an add supported format.  You can upgrade for about $50/year to view the calendar without adds and have a few more bells and whistles.
  • It has gadgets.  I have this lovely desktop gadget that I can view while working on my computer, and it has a wonderful phone app.
  • You can journal in it.  You can keep notes and upload photos from sweet family moments, and even link those to your Facebook page.
  • You can meal plan in it.  You can save recipes, make shopping lists, and have all those texted to your phone (or your hubby's!).  I currently have a shopping list for each of my main stores (WalMart, Aldi, Crest Foods) and as I think of a need I type it in that specific list for the next time I stop by.
  • It is a to-do list dream.  You can create as many to-do lists as you want.  I've created one for each day of the week, that way I can plan and prioritize when I'm getting tasks accomplished.  I also have one for the hubs, and I can send it to him via when he needs some reminders!
  • It sends me love letters on Sunday nights.  Well, not really love letters - but it does send me a weekly agenda on Sunday nights that highlights the schedule for the upcoming days.  This goes to each family member you have listed on your account - so John gets a copy in his inbox, as well.
  • It has this 'activity schedule' option that I use for all our corps (church) activity planning.  This way I can export those dates (without my personal appointments) to any calendar on the web.  I have one of these 'activity schedules' for Regular Corps Programming, Corps Special Events, Area Command Activities, and Boys and Girls Club Activities.  I can remove any of these schedules from my view if I need to de-clutter the space a bit.
  • They're crazy helpful.  The Cozi folks have recipes, cleaning lists, and all kinds of other fun stuff that you can add to your personal calendar.  There are even tutorials on how to schedule all your household chores for the year. (Dawnie - pause from reading at this point and wipe the drool from your mouth.)
  • You can set appointment reminders.  (Just in case you're not paying attention to life in general, a text message is always a helpful kick in the pants.)
  • It makes me feel FABULOUS.  I feel a little less like I'm living in a tornado and more like I'm just living in Tornado Alley.


So.  There you have it.  And it's free.  So give it a shot.  If it's not helpful - you're not missing out on any cash flow.  Oh, and share tips with me as you learn!  I'm trying to figure out how I can make some of this awesome stuff part of my spiritual walk - i.e., making a specific to-do list a prayer list...possibly using my journal for spiritual stuff instead of family stuff since I blog...etc.

Happy planning!

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