What's Wrong With This Picture?

www.shop.nordstrom.comThere's a whole lot here that has kept me slackjawed for a bit of the evening.

Make a wish?  To make a wish is to hope for something unattainable.  In Jesus we don't make wishes.  We have confidence.  (Philippians 1:6, 2 Corinthians 3:3-5)

Believe in yourself?  "Believe in yourself."  Found in the Bible - not ever.  "Believe in Me."  Said Jesus.  Lots.

The powers above?  No.  The Power above.  The Power around me.  The Power that is omnipresent.  Yes.

Wear your necklace as a reminder to have faith.  There are Christians all over this world facing death for the sake of Christ and His Kingdom at this very moment.  Not one of them will go to bed wearing a $66 good luck charm to help them remember the Savior they serve.

As for Dogeared, the jewelry company "spreading good energy one jewel at a time," I'm not sure I'm interested in the $132 or $112 sideways cross necklaces either.  My Jesus has nothing to do with wishes or karma in action - dipped pieces of tin neatly displayed on paper backing have never influenced His power nor proved His might.

The Reminder to have faith lives. in. me.  

The Holy Spirit of the Living God encourages me, corrects me, and prays for me.  No $66 price tag on this one.  Far more costly than humankind will ever know.  But still free.



My God Is So Good.

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