Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Have Mercy On Me,

a Sinner.

God is stirring up all this beautiful stuff around me, yet my flesh and my enemy are seeking to keep me from reveling in His glory.  

Today was the third day of our Seniors' VBS, and I started off my morning with a bang.  It's John's birthday, and I allowed my thoughts to get all muddled and full of offense, and managed to get angry with my wonderful husband before I even made it through breakfast.

When I arrived at the corps, one of the ladies from the center, Pat, was sitting in our 'prayer garden.' Now, I have to admit, there's nothing 'garden' at all about our prayer garden at the moment.  It's a few slabs of worn cement, anxiously awaiting some TLC. (volunteer project, anyone?)  Match that with the intense Oklahoma summer heat, and I wondered why Pat wasn't inside the center keeping cool.  I made sure the doors were open, then asked if she was heading inside.  She answered with, "Oh, I'm just getting some fresh air."  Realizing my bad attitude still needed correcting, I hopped back in the car and headed to grab a coffee before officially re-beginning the day.  When I returned, there was Pat, still seated on the concrete bench.  

As I lugged my computer bag walking past her, she asked me if I had gotten myself together and how my morning was going.  I was answering and walking when she said to me, "Well, why don't you just come here and sit down! You don't have anything to do right away!"  I thought about emails and returning phone calls, and then I realized she was right.  So there I sat.  Right in the bright sunshine - so bright that we couldn't always make eye contact.  And Pat shared with me from a wealth of wisdom and love for Jesus that was pure, simple, and heavenly.

So my re-beginning began.  We had an amazing time of fellowship during our VBS, and afterward I came back into my office to tend to those emails and returned calls.  

What I didn't realize in my busy-ness, though, was that Pat was sitting in the hallway waiting for an opportunity to 'bump' into me.  I walked over to her in the foyer and from her hand she handed me a couple crumpled dollar bills - saying she wanted "this to go to the gas money" for getting us home today.  What I haven't shared yet is that Pat walks to our Senior Center in the blazing heat everyday.  In flipflops.  And she wanted to make sure I had gas money to get home.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

As I looked into her eyes - the shame I felt as I reviewed the trivial moments of my morning that almost derailed my day - I can't express it.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Thank You for Your blood that makes me whole.


Apple Craft for Seniors' VBS.

My God Is So Good.