I cried in my car as the radio blarred the news.

Lisa Whelchel's divorce was final in March.


Books, conferences, interviews... on family.  And now no family?

In no way am I passing judgment on her.  I don't know the circumstances. But learning today that the divorce proceedings began in December of last year - and that she waited after her new television engagement to announce it's finality makes my heart ache.

Wouldn't a whole nation of Christian women have lifted her up in prayer last year?  Wouldn't we have rallied around her just as she has rallied around others so that she could see this through?

Maybe no one will care.  Maybe her word and her ministry will still be trusted.  But what if it's not?

I love the Jars of Clay song, "I'm In The Way", and it's message gives me hope in the accountability of the Body of Christ.  This cautionary tale has strengthened my commitment to transparency in my own life and ministry. There is no doubt that the enemy has made the family life of those called to teach a target for attack.  I am asking all of you that know me and love me - to always be in the way of my falling down.

I don't care if you all have to fly a red-eye and sleep in my living room for 27 days.  I am willing to do that for you.  

If you're struggling - DO NOT HIDE IT!  I'm in the way.  I won't let you go that far.


Booed...Treated? -Printable-

I Want To Be An Open Book.