Newest Happy Place.

The past few days I've been hearing the wisdom of Peach the Starfish.  (You know, Finding Nemo?)  She keeps calling out, "Find a happy place!  Find a happy place!"

Did I mention I have two toddlers that are 15 months apart in age?

Cue newest happy place.

Seriously.  Until this afternoon I cringed if my neighbors were outside when we opened our garage door.  Total chaos.  But not anymore.  And I'm so happy I might pull out an air mattress and sleep here tonight.

This is the only place in my home where four hours of work is not undone is 45 seconds flat.  Did I mention I might sleep here tonight?

Alas, the other end of the garage is still holding the last of the poor, forgotten boxes I have left to unpack.  One day at a time, right?

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