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In the continuing saga known as my search for the perfect calendar/planning system...I have put aside my loyalties and acknowledged the beauty of Google Calendar. 

I love Cozi.  But Cozi can't handle my life right now.  There are at least a handful of detailed calendars I have to consider in my planning.  Although in theory Cozi can accomodate such needs, Cozi's ease of use rating plummets when meeting them.

You can't beat Google Calendar's ease of use and simplicity (in the midst of chaos) on any given day.  I have just abhored its limited printing options and have been terrified of apps promising to import it.  Until now.

I installed CalenMob on my iPhone, and so far have been pleased with it.  The task of adding events is simple, and I can go into events created on my computer and add a push notification for my phone.  Easy-peasy.

Now what to do about all those planning meetings where I need a printed copy of my Google Calendar that actually shows my event details in something larger than 5 pt. font?  This week I discovered VueMinder Pro. I'm still in the trial version of the software, but so far it has given me better options for Google Calendar use than any other supplementary software I've tried.  (And I've tried a few!)

I can print my calendar in two-page-per-month format, and can actually read most of my calendar entries in their entirety.  Reason to celebrate?  Indeed.

Here are some screen shots and pictures of a printed calendar:



I also found tips on embedding your calendar and using CalenMob to keep it up-to-the-minute current!  Read the blog post here.

Any tips you'd like to share?  Comment away!


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