Rize Up!

ser·en·dip·i·ty : anaptitudeformakingdesirablediscoveriesbyaccident.


I walked into the Christian bookstore with no significant purpose.  And wandered aimlessly.  Into the kids' section.  That's when two CD's peered out from behind a sea of kiddo music.  The Rizers?  Who's that?  And then I reviewed the track listing.  All scripture?  All scripture!  But it's gonna' be cheesey.  And against that judgment I walked my way to the checkout counter with the discs in my hand.

I was wrong.  Oh, so wrong.  These guys ROCK.  My socks off.  And I am admitting publicly that I can't play their music riding in my car with my kids without crying my eyes out at some point.  It's insanely moving to see your toddlers lift up their pointer fingers high in the air when the Rizers shout, "Psalm chapter 8, verse number 1, says!"  When it happens everything inside you that's in touch with Jesus turns into flubber.

Go buy their music.  You don't even have to go.  You can just log on.  To Amazon.  Or iTunes.  Do it now.  Write a VBS curriculum to use it with.  (SuperBigRobot, I'm secretly hoping you're already working on this.)  Use one song every Sunday for a month to teach a memory verse.  Listen to it in the car.  Listen to it at home.  Wait.  This is sounding vaguely familiar.  Deuteronomy 6:7.  (And did I mention this would be a birthday present that has eternal value?)  I'm a fan for life.

So what are you waiting for?!?  Rize up!

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