No Shirt, No Shoes, No Purchase?

Here's the scene... you're shopping in the mall for new shoes.  You're wheeling down the corridor with your stroller - your three year old son is happily rolling along.  Near the mall playground, a beautiful young woman approaches you, dressed in a long coat.  While you wait for passing foot traffic, she stops directly in front of your son.  She opens up her coat, bearing before you both a scantily clad body adorned with provocative lingerie.

What's your next move, Mom?  Are you offended?  Do you laugh it off?  Or do you jump in front of him to shield his eyes and seek to save at least a small fraction of his innocence?  Has he now been the victim of a sex crime?

Why aren't we offended when this happens every time we shop in the mall? Is the scenario any different simply because her image is printed on paper? The girl in the Victoria's Secret window can't speak to you - but is she any less real?

I live in a city that is ranked 5th in the nation (a tie with New York) for human trafficking.  Many are victims of the sex trade.  Many of the victims are very, very young girls.  Currently only 2% of johns (purveyors of filth) are arrested.  Basically - we're looking at a supply and demand issue.  The demand for sex is high, so the payoff for the abduction and enslavement of women is high.

Is it possible that in an extremely quiet, sadistic way - in the hallways of my favorite shopping mall - modern culture is grooming my son to be a creature of lust and a man that objectifies women?  Before he reaches four, how many lust-driven images will he see?  Sex sells.  That's okay when it comes to lingerie, but not when it comes to prostitution?  Why is it that malls are posting codes of conduct - codes that even include standards of modest dress - but they don't require advertising from their tenants that protects the purity of our young ones?

We must do something.  We cannot continue to walk in hypocrisy.

You have a voice.  You have a dollar.  Use them both.  No shirt.  No shoes.  No purchase.

On Friday I will gather with other abolitionists at the South Plaza of the Oklahoma State Capitol Building for a vigil to honor victims of trafficking. Creating awareness is good.  Unified action is good.  But sometimes I feel that we are missing opportunities for action in our everyday life.  Please pray that the Lord would open our eyes to the simple roots of sexual sin and all the terror that it fuels.  

Buy your undergarments in stores that don't have provocative advertising. Will it kill you to wear undies from Dollar General?  Probably not.

I hear chains breaking.



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