Day 1 - Whole 31 - Jaime Testifies.

A little self-disclosure:  I love community.  I LOVE community.  So much so that if I feel that there isn't a 'community vibe' in a place - I totally withdraw. Seems normal, right?  

So when some of my most amazing friends joined in on this Whole 31 journey, I was ridiculously overjoyed.  And all full of love.  And appreciation. And thanksgiving.

In honor of community, several of those friends will guest blog over these next days.

My awesome friend Jaime is the first.  And here is her testimony from Day 1:

Day 1…

I was totally stoked about this challenge. I mean—I live off of processed meat, cheeseburgers—if it comes out one window and into my window, I’m in! So when Sharon was like “hey home slice, you should totes get in on this action!” I was all like, ok. And I was in. But uh…I was worried I would get excited and then fail like—immediately. But it’s almost 18 hours in and I’m still going strong!

I decided to start with some interesting foods today to keep myself distracted. I was excited about my lunch—a lemon-pepper chicken, spinach and kelp salad. And some homemade apple-banana mush. Like I said, I was excited. And then I showed up at a luncheon where they were serving fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh rolls. Yum…but hey—what’s 30 days?

Today I also had the wonderful opportunity to go to SAMs. I was thankful that it isn’t Saturday…until I saw her. A woman at one of them little sample stands. And I was walking right at her. There was no way to avoid her and whatever delicious microwaved...whatever it would be. Would it be…no I can’t go there. As soon as I got within earshot she asked me the most wonderful question: would you like to try…and I started to interrupt. But it was too late. She already said—a fresh apple slice. What? YES!

Today I decided not to eat from my well-known, happy, comfort foods. Instead, I have branched out. So far? Delish. Like, for real. I don’t know—these next 29 days are going to be awesome, I’m pretty sure… 


And Day 1 is a wrap!  I'm continuing to pray for all my comrades!  Excited to see what Jesus does in all this.  And I made it through Day 1 myself!  The enemy was all up in my camp, but the Lord saw me through!  Love!

Day 2 - Busy, Busy.

Whole 30 Prepping.