Day 15 - In For The Long Haul.

The Writers Conference in St. Louis was an enriching time.  The workshops made it clear that posting photos of boiled eggs and fruit with captions of groans and whines would not improve my blog traffic.  Hence the hiatus in posts over these past few days.

I made it through the week in stellar form - until the last two days.  I was starving.  And extremely sick of processed meat and eggs.  I gnawed on a roll and four bites of excessively processed bulk-shopping-club cheesecake.  And I paid for it dearly.  I felt like a foreign creature took up residence in my gut and was clawing its way to freedom.  (Happy thoughts.)

It's clear to me that my old patterns of eating are just that - old patterns of eating.  This Whole 30 effort already changed my habits for the good.  My moods and energy levels are stabilized with the absence of refined sugar.  The lack of healthy fats while traveling, however, made a dent in those levels by the end of the week.  And in all this I've learned that truly healthy eating only happens at home.  So much for 'food-entertainment' via eating out three times a week.

Coming home I am also convicted about what my little ones are eating, and am following the guidance of Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food to help provide better fuel for them as well.

I'm eager to hear how you are feeling at the mid-way point!  Have you experienced significant habit/life-change?



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