We've Been Treated, Again!

Please welcome a brand new 'We've Been Treated' printable!

I find so much joy in redeeming culture for the Kingdom of God.  Including holidays.

Around Halloween last year we had some fun with the 'You've Been Boo'ed' tradition, but I wanted to make it more Christ-centered and less scarry for my little ones.  Halloween is a time where you can show up on random doorsteps and it's completely acceptable.  What better time to spread the fragrance of Jesus through acts of love and kindness?

So, here you go (click the image for a link to a printable PDF):

CLICK HERE for a link to my original post on redeeming Halloween from a bit of its spookiness (and last year's printable).

Enjoy! Please share a testimony of how you used it!

(Visit the lovely ladies at Pixel Scrapper for more downloadable graphic elements to create your own redeemed Halloween fun.)

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