Day 2 - Busy, Busy.

Wednesdays are wild at our house.  A lot of you can relate.  We are moving from sun-up to sun-down, and we don't go home in-between.

How do you manage a Whole 30 with this kind of day and this kind of lifestyle?  Plan.  Prep.  Plan.  Prep.

Breakfast was still managed at home, but lunch and dinner are my formidable opponents.

So for lunch I grabbed some of my pre-cooked chicken breast, greens, veggies, avacado, and salsa.

Dinner involved a minimally larger amount of work.  I had these happy salmon filets I scooped up for a very reasonable price at Aldi.  I opened the vacuum seal and placed the frozen filets on heavy-duty aluminum foil.  I topped them with some Whole 30 approved cracked pepper dressing, and then folded the foil into a happy little cooking 'purse.'  Added to that two of my pre-baked sweet potatoes and a frozen steamer-bag of broccoli, and we're set.  The filets are thawing and marinating in the corps refrigerator as we speak.  (Well, me and the spouse if he decides he can choke down salmon.)  The kiddos will be eating with the rest of our church family at the corps.  And did you notice that dinner is dirty-dishes free?  It's the little things.

How do you make it through?

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