Day 3 - Don't Forget Your Lunch.

Everyone still with me?

I'm STILL on track!  Three days down.  Twenty-eight to go.  No biggie.

So...big oops of the day.  I didn't pack my lunch.  Surely there's something I could eat a Panera, right?  Not exactly.  Oh, but what about that health food store with the lunch counter?  The buffalo chili sounds good - but...beans. Maybe there are some prepackaged meats in the store that are compliant. Absolutely nothing legit in the refrigerated pre-cooked/deli meats section (plenty of added sugar and carrageenan). Absolutely nothing legit in the jerky section (plenty of added sugar or soy).  Even in the health food store I can't eat anything?  This is serious.

So I ate the apple and almonds in my bag and waited to eat a late meal at home.  Which was a delicious chicken soup I made with the shredded chicken in my fridge and lots of friendly vegetables.  I followed that up with a second course that satisfied my chip-ish craving.  Plantains crisped up in coconut oil with avocado.

I have to say I'm pretty full most of the day.  I only want to snack because of my sugar cravings.  It's kind of a mindless phenomena.  And I still miss my hot tea.  But other than that I feel pretty great!

I feel tired - but I think that has more to due with the lack of sugar and caffeine than a response to the new foods I'm eating.  It's almost like pain-killers.  Pain-killers don't actually heal whatever is painful.  They just keep you from feeling the pain.  I imagine caffeine and sugar behaved much like that in my life.  They kept me from feeling tired so I could overwork my body.  Now I feel tired because they are no longer 'blocking' what was really going on inside me physically.  (I'm tired folks.  Forgive the rabbit-trail rambling.)

 Tomorrow is Day 4!  Techincally week one's hump day, right?

Keep up the good work!

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