The Thrill Of Victory, The Agony Of Defeat.

Tomorrow ends the Whole 30 (31) challenge I embarked upon at the beginning of this month.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Seriously.

Week one I was a beast.  I was working out, eating squeaky clean and crushing it.

Week two I traveled.  I planned, I packed, I even mapped out a Whole 30 dinner at Chipotle.  But a week of hotel food nearly killed me.  I felt like I only ate boiled eggs and fruit for 7 days.  Which really isn't far from reality.  I lost two pounds without even working out.  And that was simply because the over-abundance of processed foods caused a state of near-anorexia.  I caved on the last night with celebratory desserts among new friends.  Fortunately I enjoyed them in a local, scratch-made restaurant, and the indulgence didn't kill me. 

But my re-entry into regular life post-trip proved to be disastrous.  I came home late on a Sunday night after an 8 hour drive, and began the week without pre-made meal options (aka - death trap #1).  And our finances were a bit tight (aka - death trap #2), which meant preparing extra meals for the only person in the family eating Whole 30 was not in the realm of possibility.  And so week three was spent weaving in and out of old eating patterns and halfway remembering how much better I felt in weeks one and two.

Week four.  Fagettaboutit.  Totally off the wagon.  Haven't worked out in two weeks.  And I feel gross.

This is the agony of defeat.

And yet the thrill of victory remains because I pushed through long enough to remember how much better I felt physically when I eliminated all. the. junk. from my diet.  I mean really great.  While eating Whole 30 I had no shoulder pain, no bellyaches, no headaches.  And plenty of energy when I needed it.

So what now?

I want to go back.  And I want to find reasonable ways to involve my whole family.  (I'm pretty sure Butterbean had a few marshmallows with her breakfast.  It's apparent there's plenty of room for growth.)

I'm going to begin my return though 30-day goals.  And hopefully these goals become family habits.  For November, the goal is a healthy breakfast for every family member.  It's the foundational meal of the day, and if we get that right, perhaps remaining food choices will follow.  I'm Pin-stalking two or three delicious paleo-friendly muffin recipes that I can alternate for the kiddos, along with smoothies and other veggie/fruit options to help them start their day.

I'm excited to hear from all my friends who journeyed along with me - no matter how far or not so far they made it.  What's your testimony?

Here's to health!  Let's work toward better!

God's Best.

We've Been Treated, Again!