Crowned With Kindness.

Crowned With Kindness.

Are you ready for Advent on mission? 

I am. 

Welcome to the beginning of an acts of kindness ADVENTure.

Here's this new approach to the traditional advent countdown in a nutshell: 

Crowned With Kindness Crown Set.jpg

Visit my friend Kim over at Crowning Around on Etsy and purchase one of her fabulous felt crowns for each of your little ones. 

Hit the craft store for sparkly gems and non-toxic (but permanent) glue.   We like Crafter's Pick.

Prayerfully chose 25 Acts of Kindness, one for each day of Advent, that you and your children can actually accomplish .  This isn't kill yourself with kindness.  This is bless others with kindness.  

On December 1st, we begin our blessing of others.  At the end of each day, during prayer and devotions by the Christmas tree, your little one will receive a gemstone for their service in the New-Born King's Royal Court. 

These gem presentations will be wonderful opportunities for many teachable moments: 

 - Why do we call Jesus a King?  What does it mean to be an heir to a royal throne?

- How do we store treasures in heaven?   What does it mean when the Bible says that God crowns us with lovingkindness?

- Why did Jesus come to Earth to serve?  Why does Jesus want us to show love to others through serving?

At the end of Advent, the children will receive a final gemstone on Christmas Day.  A teachable moment for this time together might include the passage in Revelation where the saints cast down their crowns in awe of God's glory.  However God leads.

In these next days I will be sharing printables, tips, and my own plans for this Advent journey.  Why?  Because this Advent experience is happening in a home where both parents work full-time in ministry.  And the kiddos are full-time in preschool.   Planning, prep, and room for grace is a must!

So will you join us?  Go visit Kim!  Or simplify and make a paper or foam crown for the festivities.

Follow me on Twitter and use hashtag #cwk13 when posting photos and testimonies! Excited to see the many ways the Lord will crown us all with kindness this Christmas!  

Join me tomorrow for planning and prep ideas.  (And printables!) 



Crowned With Kindness - Mission Planning.

Philippians 1:6.