Crowned With Kindness - Mission Planning.

What makes Christmas fun?  The absence of rush and stress!  What makes rush and stress absent?  Planning!

I know, I know.  Most planning is not very enjoyable.  But Crowned With Kindness planning is all levels of merry!

Tomorrow we'll talk again about getting your 'crown necessities' in order, so today we'll explore mission planning.

You can't pull off 25 days of acts of kindness without first prayerfully considering what acts of kindness your community needs.  And you also need to consider what acts of kindness are reasonably achieveable within the means of your family's budget and age-related abilities.

 Click for Printable PDF.

Click for Printable PDF.

I'm sharing with you our Christmas Mission Plan - our list of 25 acts of kindness that we hope with God's help we'll accomplish this Advent season.  Even with this list there will be some grace and wiggle room.  We all need grace!

Some of our activities may be a hit with your brood, and some may not.  So check out my Pinterest boards that are filled with acts of kindness and Advent resources to help you fill your 25 slots:

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Share any unique activities the Lord adds to your mission plan.  Merry planning!

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Crowned With Kindness.

Crowned With Kindness.