Crowned With Kindness - Mighty 'Fine' Christmas.

Debts paid.  One of the most beautiful elements of the Gospel is mercy - our freedom made possible at Christ's great expense.

It seems only fitting that at least one of our Crowned With Kindness mission projects would involve paying a debt.  So I pulled out the coin jar this week (you know, the one that all the loose change gets dumped in throughout the year) and began to put together a kit for our Mighty 'Fine' Christmas act of kindness.

I fished out the shiniest dimes and put together a Christmas tree printable to help with their delivery.  We'll attach the dimes to the printable with photo stickers on the day of our mission.  The printed cards, zipper baggie of dimes and photo stickers are now neatly tucked into an envelope ready to be put into action.  I can't wait!

We plan to deliver several dime-decorated cards to our local library.  The staff will be able to share them with patrons needing to pay fines for overdue books.  We're going to include a jar of goodies for the librarians, as well.  We LOVE the library and want to bless those who do so much for our community.

Enjoy the printable!  Hope your planning for this Advent on mission is off to a great start!

Grace Has Made Me Rich.

We Can Only Fly...