Crowned With Kindness - Christmas Light Gratitude.

I've enjoyed the hours of hard work and slightly elevated electric bills of many good folks over many Christmases.  A few years ago we began a new Christmas tradition in our home by leaving thank you notes for those good folks, the ones who light up our December nights with light displays.

It feels pretty spectacular thanking total strangers for their labors of love.  You can join in on this tradition, either by giving your family and friends markers and paper to create thank you's all their own, or by taking advantage of this handy printable.

 Click image for printable PDF.

Click image for printable PDF.

Print these notes on heavy white paper and add a personal message or doodle on the back.  You can leave them posted with festive tape on doors or mail posts.  (The USPS prefers that they aren't left actually inside mailboxes.)

Get joy.  Give joy.  En-joy.  :)

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Crowned With Kindness - Crowned.