Crowned With Kindness - Coins, Candy and Kindness.

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Behold there is a thing of wonder, awe and reverence near the entrance to my kiddos' school.  It's a coin-op candy dispenser, and it is surrounded by eyes as big as saucers, lips drooling with anticipation, and the occasional sigh of despair. (The sighs are usually from my kids -  the ones with the mean mommy who never gives a second glance to the glorious box on a pole.)

But it's Christmas (nearly).  And there's no room for sighs at Christmas, right?

So one of our Crowned With Kindness acts of service is taping up a plethora of quarters around this magical machine - for the sheer joy of it, and for the job security of dentists all over town.  :)

I made a quick printable tonight that serves as packaging for the gifted quarters.  (The quarters are happily attached with scrapbooking photo squares.)  I placed the notes with the affixed quarters in an envelope, along with two unattached quarters for those sighing children.  Can't wait to see their delight.  :)  This envelope is going in my Crowned With Kindness mission box.  It's just a file box with envelopes that are ready to be put in action.  On busy days in December these will be the acts of kindness I'll have handy for grab and go love.  An alternative to this printable is this retro Christmas Acts of Kindness note.

Happy calorie distribution.  :)

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