The Gift of Less - Life Without Pajamas.

I'm an all or nothing kind of gal.  Which is part endearing and part completely annoying.

(Sorry, husband.)

So when I begin exploring new life habits, I have to be aware of this (possibly flawed) part of my character.

I shared a little about my rediscovery of the gift of less, and although I wouldn't call myself a pack-rat by any means, there are a few more areas in my life that could use some simplifying.  

I don't have collections to part with or excessive piles of shoes, but I find myself annoyed with paper clutter, kid clutter, shopping habits, clothing clutter, and drinking cups.  (Am I the only one in the world who has a bajillion drinking glasses and cups?  I promise they multiply in my cabinet daily.)

And to help with the all or nothing tendencies, I'm going to give myself some long and short-term goals.

Today's focus :  Clothing Clutter.

I read somewhere that Americans wear only 20% of the clothing they own.  Yowza.  If you're lucky the other 80% is neatly folded in drawers or hanging on hangers.  If, perhaps, you're one of the unlucky ones, the other 80% is screaming at you from a laundry hamper.  I'm unlucky.

Truthfully, I don't own a ton of clothing.  But there's still room for growth.  What I do own all looks the same.  I have 7 black t-shirts.  And I only wear two while the other five are crying out for a spin in wash tub.  Discovering this about my habits helped me understand that minimalism is as much about functional as it is about minimal.

My long-term goal is to educate myself on building a proper wardrobe, and I'm going to use the capsule wardrobe method to turn over my new leaf.  I have the 'not many items' part taken care of, just not the 'items that actually work together to form an outfit' element.  :)  Yes, my current wardrobe probably consists of 30 pieces.  But when 7 of those are black t-shirts -- Houston, we have a problem.  I've already found some helpful pins to kick-start my learning.  Check them out on my Less Stuff = More Life. board.

Now on to my short-term goal.  My short-term goal is to donate all of my pajamas to The Salvation Army Family Store.  

Yes.  I'm serious.  (Nicole, quit laughing.)

Are pajamas really necessary?  And if they are, how many pair of pajamas should one own?  Pajamas in my drawers are like drinking cups in my cupboard.  They don't really wear out, and somehow they keep adding in number.

Truthfully, I'm at a stage in my life where I could sleep comfortably in my work clothes.  I have two preschoolers and  I. am. that. tired.

Alas, I shall not begin a sleep in your work-clothes movement today.  I mean, there's got to be a germ issue in there somewhere, right?  But I am going to begin my own sleep in your gym-clothes movement.  

My old life was this:  Wear clean pajamas to bed.  Wake up and put on a brand new full set of clothing for the gym.  Wear that outfit for approximately one hour, sweat in it, and then add it to the dirty laundry.  Shower and put on my clothes for work.  Wear those for the duration of the day, then come home and possibly put on A FOURTH LOUNGING OUTFIT before trying to find the pajamas to start the cycle all over again.  And don't even get me started on whether or not pajamas can be worn twice.  Four sets of clothing in one 24 hour period?  This is not the simple life.

So I am giving myself 3 gym outfits.  Comfy, modest outfits that include pants, t-shirt, and long-sleeved jacket or over-shirt.  And I'm keeping two sets of base-layers for outdoor winter activities.  That's it.  

I'll go to bed in my full workout gear, wake up and start the day.  No excuses for no workout now.  I can literally roll out of bed and into burpees.  What joy.  :)  It's dual- purpose, win-win.  Another example of minimalism = functional + minimal.

The gift of less.  I'm excited.

The Gift of Less - Whittle the Wardrobe.

The Gift of Less.