The Gift of Less - Whittle the Wardrobe.

Short-term goal numero uno is complete!  I shared my pajamas with others in need, cleared out workout wear that didn't fit/match-anything-on-the-planet, and whittled down my nighttime/gym wardrobe to three sets of clothes.  (I actually have room for one more pair of track pants and one more t-shirt!)

(Read about the beginning of this journey : HERE.)

Following through with this was awful.  For a few moments.  Bagging up the stuff I wasn't fond of was easy.  It was the 'on the fence' items that began my formidable emotional challenge.  The internal turmoil was heated.  "Was I nuts to limit myself to only three gym outfits?  I haven't worn this for months.  But. What. If?"  

So I sent a note to my friend Jaime.  Who slashed her wardrobe - the entire thing - by 2/3 a few months ago. Her counsel?

Don't think too much about it...just throw it out.

Word.  And I did.

And now I feel awesome!!!

And in occasional moments - frightened.  This is going to be completely life transforming and that is a tiny bit scary.

I'm ready for the ride.  And I feel like dancing now when I walk in my closet.

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