Crowned with Kindness - Happy Mail.

(This post is a few days delayed - we were waiting for our acts of kindness to arrive in our friends' mailboxes so the surprise wouldn't be spoiled!)

We sent happy mail!

Just saying happy mail makes me happy.  And the peanuts have lots of friends who live far away.  This was a perfect way to remind them how much they are loved.

Butterbean worked on hers a few days ago, while we had some brother-free time.  She made cards and packed envelopes with a few special surprises. Buddy has a much shorter (much, much shorter) project attention span, so he put mailing labels on Christmas PlayPack coloring book sets to send to his pals.  We put some postage on the top and sent them right in their own perfect jolly packaging.

We had our family devotional time by the tree, talked about kindness and Jesus, glued our jewel on our crown, and then hit our sister with our new favorite stuffed animal.  (Oh, brother.)  'Tis the season for love and joy!  

Merry, merry!

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