Crowned With Kindness - Unexpected Christmas Party.

When the weather forecast showed a high today of 66 degrees, I knew for sure this was the afternoon for our party in the park!

We loaded up the car with apple juice, animal crackers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump-ropes, and a few balloons; and took our 'unexpected' Christmas party to one of our favorite playgrounds. We made lots of new friends, and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of community. Forgive the lack of photos of friends - we wanted to honor the privacy of our party guests.  :) 

In a nutshell:  we LOVED this act of kindness.  Can't wait to try this again at the indoor playground of our local mall.

Grab the PDF for printing the signs/party notes we used HERE.

Crowned With Kindness - Wrapped in Love.

The Gift of Less - Whittle the Wardrobe.