Worship Planning - Google Docs.

Around this time last year I was busy creating tools to help organize various areas of our ministry life.  Among those tools was my worship planning binder, which was a big help - and a big clunker of a binder to haul around with the rest of my pack-mule life.  (I blame it on the preschoolers.)

The binder and all its glory was a paper system, which meant there were occasions throughout the year where I left it in one place and stood wishing it was with me in another.  In weeks past I began been trying to find a digital solution that would have similar functionality with greater accessibility.

Enter Google Docs.

I created a very, very basic (read: rudimentary and not aesthetically pleasing) spreadsheet in my Google Drive with the same informational elements my clunky binder contained.

It can be edited anywhere I have internet access, and I can add members of our worship planning committee as editors.  I can give others viewing and commenting ability, as well.

Can't lie.  I'm pretty happy about all this.  Hope this little tip is useful in your neck of the woods.

Youth Planning - Google Docs.

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