Youth Planning - Google Docs.

Okay.  I may get a bit neurotic with Google Docs now that the gate to the realm of possibilities has flung wide.  Don't judge me.  There are worse hangups.

We have a wonderful team of youth leaders.  I mean ridiculously wonderful.  They work incredibly hard to reach out and mold the minds and hearts of God's children with His Word.  We have a lot to organize and communicate within this team, and finding tools and resources to make that more navigable has proved challenging.

So I'm going with another trial Google Doc spreadsheet.  This is a little prettier than my first.  It lists all of our mid-week activity nights (Wednesdays) and each character building or discipleship program we provide.  Leaders have access to the doc, and are able to type in their lesson plan information (i.e., First Aid Badge, Cooking, Art, etc.), as well as make notes within the document with questions and comments.  I am able to gain a quick overview of all our programming, and am able to communicate special event dates, retreat and camp registration deadlines, etc. through comments and 'special notes' fields.

This may or may not be helpful.  I'll keep you posted.  Any tips?

Monthly + To Do + Digital = Planner Trifecta.

Worship Planning - Google Docs.