Monthly + To Do + Digital = Planner Trifecta.

This is big.  Really big.

Over this past year I have been trying, re-trying and trashing various systems for managing my calendars.  Four calendars from four different places need my daily attention.  I combine dates from those calendars to create our church calendar, which is published via a tab on our Facebook page, and also in print for those who prefer the dates on paper.

Google Calendar is my favorite solution for coordinating my heap of dates, but its basic print options leave much to be desired (and seen).  Descriptions and appointments get chopped off and jumbled no matter how much I manipulate the settings.  I searched and searched for months and tried many software options in hopes of being able to print directly from Google Calendar in a format that is actually useful.  Everything I found was disappointing.  So resigned myself to the duties of managing my Google calendar and then manually typing the same dates into an MSPub file for printable copies.  Yuck.

Until today.  A ray of hope broke through the clouds of duplicated work.  And I must share this thing of beauty with you.  Your life is about to change.

Print My Cal.

That's it.  Click those words and download it now.  And support the developers with your measly $5.  Because it is worth so much more.  I won't bore you with instructions, because they have a video tutorial that shows you all you need to know.

Thanks to these amazing, wonderful people, I can now print my personal calendar and my church calendar right from my Google calendar.

Can life get any better?  I think yes.

Because along with Print My Cal I found TeuxDeux.  My life is best organized by a monthly calendar and a to-do list.  Weekly and daily appointment pages are a waste for my style of task management.  My digital to-do's once lived happily on my Astrid app, but Astrid went away.  ::sniff, sniff::  I tried several different replacement apps without much satisfaction, but TeuxDeux seems most promising.

I can add to-do's (to TeuxDeux) from both my iPhone and my desktop, and (drum roll, please) I can PRINT them.  Yep.  Print them.

I can now effectively print my digital calendar.  I can now print my digital to-do list.  I can add dates and to-dos from my desktop and phone.  And print them all.


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