Use Evernote to Manage Your Move.

Ministry is an adventure. Sometimes that adventure involves moving to a place you've never seen and possibly never heard of.  

I have a friend who's in the process of moving even now. Which made me recall the moving tips I've collected on Pinterest.  You can see the whole caboodle of them HERE.

Of those tips, one of my favorite blog posts is THIS POST by Shannon Brown.  I appreciate her simple method of keeping records during the packing process.  She uses printables and a binder.  I'm an avid admirer of binder systems, but I'm slowly progressing into the world of paperless organization.  And the binder-less world, to boot.  I wondered if Shannon's wisdom could be still be useful in that world.

So I dreamed up a way of creating a system like Shannon's on Evernote.  And here's my feeble attempt at a tutorial.

Create a new notebook on Evernote.  For this effort I actually created a 'stack' of notebooks to help keep things neatly organized.  One for general moving to-do lists, and another for keeping a record of all the packed items.  I labeled the packing record notebook Packing Whiz-Bang.  I figured if you're packing boxes you should title things with words that make you smile.  Evidently whiz-bang is an acceptable replacement word for 'brain.'  And we all need extra 'brains' to help get this stuff done, am I right?  This is the view of the stack from a smart phone:

Within your Whiz-Bang (or whatever you wanna' name it) notebook, you will create a separate note for each packing area of your home.  (i.e., Kid's Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom.)  Pull up a blank Excel file, and create a table that looks a lot like Shannon's printable.  (Except you don't need the room name at the top, because that will be your note title.)  

Now highlight and copy the table and paste into each of your notes.  You'll end up with table-like formatting, even though you can't visibly see the lines.  You can even use your tab keys to move around within the note.  The packing notes I created only have entries for 10 boxes, but you can make your Excel table as spacious as needed.  Make your table row height about 40.0 to ensure plenty of space for entering the box contents.

In the notes titles I also added tape color descriptions for each room. (A friend of mine had a great tip in using different colored duct tape for each room in the house for easy identification on move-in day.)  By putting this info in your note title, you'll know the room, tape color and number of each box you're recording.  Yes, the 'Kitchen' says 'Bacon.'  Bacon-printed duct tape.  Seriously.  Have some fun, folks.

So now what?  Sync that puppy.  And check it out on your phone.  Because now, smartphone in hand, you can pack and record anything.  Anywhere.  In your office, in your bedroom.  Anywhere a cell tower or wifi is reaching you.  No binder, no paper.  All you need is several sets of printed labels with your box numbers to slap on after everything is recorded and taped shut.

What if you're leaving your phone behind on move day?  Print out your lists and carry your binder around then.  And you still have access to your notes on your laptop or other computer available to access your Evernote account.

Now about that other notebook, the to-do's one.  You have tons of stuff you need to check off before a move, so make a note within your second moving notebook that can be filled with items that come to your mind and need attention.  I also found a way to import lists from a moving brief to create a portable checklist from them.  Download your brief document.  Re-save it on your hard drive as a PDF.  Highlight and copy the text you'd like to create an Evernote doc with.  Paste into a new blank note.  Highlight the items in your note you'd like to make into a checklist.  Click on the toolbar for the checklist function, and voila!  I had to clean up a few extra check boxes and spacing glitches, but overall easy-peasy.

Views from Evernote for desktop.

Views from the smartphone app.

Now you can enter your box contents via your phone, sync and view on pretty much any computer, and check off your to-do's and brief checklists in the same way.  If you'd like to thank me, I really adore Twinings English Breakfast tea, but an encouraging comment, pin or share will suffice. :)

Praying for all my peeps knee-deep in cardboard.  The rest of you put this in your back pocket.  ;)  xo

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