Worship Planning Binder.

This post is for my sweet friend, Chelsea.  :)

We have so many rich times of worship in The Salvation Army, and many elements are involved in that experience.  When first coming into our ministry in Oklahoma City, I found myself overwhelmed in keeping it all in order.

Over the Christmas break, I made my first attempt in a 'system' of organizing my worship planning notes.  Now, I have to tell you that even this binder is prayed over, and regardless of my efforts to be organized, the Holy Spirit still has free reign over our worship.

So here it is...

I began my planning by mapping out our ushers for the year. Easy enough, right?  To be honest, the ushers slipped my mind almost every Sunday until I did this.  I was grabbing young people and other warm bodies about 5 minutes before the offering was received - not pretty.

Next, I took the Territorial and Divisional calendars and used them to put together our personal calendars (and penciled in our vacation).  Using those dates, I made a preliminary preaching calendar for the year. That sheet shows special Sundays and other elements of the church calendar that might affect the preaching series.

From there, each Sunday gets its own planning sheet.  That sheet shows the date, special Sunday notes, and has planning blocks for each element of the worship service.

This has helped me plan with local leaders for special Sundays (i.e., Corps Cadets, etc.), and allowed me to give our bandmaster our congregational song selections well in advance for band practice.

I type and print our worship bulletins, so this system has made that process extremely simple - I just plug in what was planned.  Easy, peasey.

So here's a PDF of the Sunday planning file.  If you'd like the original editable files, send me a note and I'll email them your way!

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Soli Deo Gloria!



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